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Archways completes evaluation of Balgaddy Child & Family Centre

Archways has recently completed an evaluation of the Balgaddy Child and Family Centre (BCFC). The work was led by Karen Costello and Dr Sean McDonnell. Karen and Sean are also finalising other similar work which will be posted here in due course.

Since 2013, the Balgaddy Child and Family Centre  in West Dublin has been addressing the significant socio-economic challenges faced by the community situated between Clondalkin and Lucan. Governed by the South Dublin County Partnership (SDCP), BCFC originated to address a critical lack of services within the Balgaddy area, particularly for families with young children.
The Centre has continually evolved, expanding its services in alignment with the community’s changing needs, focusing on the comprehensive development of children and family empowerment. It delivers an accessible and welcoming service, with a concentrated emphasis on the all-encompassing growth of children and the strengthening of family capabilities. These services are designed to foster an environment conducive to the growth and development of local families and children.
The evaluation aims were to assess how effectively BCFC has met its objectives under limited funding and challenging circumstances. The evaluation, which was conducted collaboratively with SDCP and BCFC management, also aimed to document and assess the Centre’s operations, service effectiveness, community impact, and stakeholder engagement, with the goal of forecasting and future proofing for emerging challenges and opportunities and imminent community needs.
The evaluation identifies BCFC as an exemplary model of service delivery, with notable community engagement and adaptability to a range of complex needs. Furthermore, BCFC has significantly contributed to community
cohesion, addressing isolation, and supporting individuals facing personal challenges. The Centre’s collaborative partnerships and diverse funding streams have been instrumental in navigating challenges and enhancing service delivery.