Implementation Support


Implementation Workshops

Archways works in collaboration with local partners in their communities and has developed a best practice model to support this.

We provide generic Implementation Workshops for organisations and agencies seeking to introduce evidence-based programmes or evidence-informed practices into their service provision.

Our Implementation Workshops provide a step-by-step roadmap outlining the required actions and implementation pitfalls and obstacles organisations routinely face when seeking to introduce a new programme or intervention.

Archways’ evidence-informed practice is crucial in deciding which programme we choose to implement and the process we employ to distribute these programmes across locations and communities.

These Implementation Workshops are designed to ensure that newly trained practitioners have the confidence and skills required to deliver the programme with adherence and fidelity and consequently ensure programme impact and effect.


Tailored Support

A more comprehensive series of workshops and aftercare provision is also offered to those agencies wishing to introduce our own programmes. These workshops include initial start-up days outlining what steps are required pre programme, facilitation skills training and research workshops as well as follow up support in the form of individual and group peer support sessions during the programme delivery itself.

If you would like to discuss how Archways can support your organisation’s programme planning, development and implementation, please contact us below to arrange a FREE consultation.

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