How Archways can support your organisation

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How Archways can Support Your Organisation

We believe that prevention and early intervention gives the best results and is the most cost-effective approach.

Our work supports communities in the development of sustainable practices that build on their strengths and resources. 


The Archways Model of Developing Evidence-Based/Evidence Informed Responses

Step 1

We begin by identifying an emerging need that is adversely affecting our target groups, and which is unmet in current service provision. If this corresponds to our team’s expertise and approach, we then engage with strategic partners to assess the viability of developing a response to this need.

Step 2

Next, we research whether there is any evidence-based programmes that we could introduce. If there is not, we explore opportunities to develop an evidence-informed response.

Step 3

We then pilot the programme to test its efficacy and appropriateness.

Step 4

Then we both drive and support the process of scaling up. We push at national level to have the intervention accepted and funded, and provide training, expertise, and support towards implementation.

We can provide you with a range of supports in terms of research, implementation planning and training. If you would like to discuss how Archways can support your organisation, please get in touch through the contact form below and we will contact you to arrange a FREE consultation.

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