What We Do

We provide a range of successful programmes across Ireland and Northern Ireland that seek to address the universal and specific needs of children, young people, parents and the professionals that support them in their own communities.

Archways is ……

A national organisation that works in collaboration with local and national agencies. We research, develop and promote evidence-based and evidence-informed programmes for children, young people, parents and the professionals that support them.

Our programmes begin with antenatal support and provide a series of interventions for young people under the age of 18 and their families.


Supporting Children, Young People, Families & Communities since 2007

We believe that the earliest intervention gives the best results and is the most cost-effective approach. Our work supports communities in the development of sustainable linked practices that build on their strengths and resources.

Our Vision is to ‘work towards an Ireland where children and families experiencing challenges have the capacity to create lasting positive change in their lives, with access to timely, high-quality support programmes.’

When we demonstrate a programme works, we collaborate with our partners to make it available to every child, every family and every community that needs it.

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