All our service provision is evidence-based and evidence- informed

To achieve this, we conduct:

  • Internal programmatic research to ensure our interventions are effective and fit for purpose within an Irish context.
  • External research with a focus on psychosocial functioning and intervention effectiveness.

Working as consultant researchers, we have examined a diverse array of psychosocial issues including alcohol distribution patterns, service use for newly arrived populations, the lived experience of those with Hepatitis and a suite of cross-sectional studies examining the well-being of children as they transition from childhood to adolescence.

Archway’s Research Portfolio

Archways for this reason has developed an extensive and eclectic research portfolio including:

Cross sectional and multi-jurisdictional evaluation on the impact of ADHD on children and families.

Health-based research addressing the impact of Hepatitis C on individuals and families.

Community-based reflective research on the impact of alcohol and drugs on children and families.

Local and regional child wellbeing studies.

The completion of three randomised control trials (RCTs) on family dysregulation, teacher classroom management and family therapy programmes.


Benefits from the research

This research has been crucial in the development of our organisation. It has allowed us to distil our professional practices, whilst incorporating the professional judgement and experience of our partners and those availing of the services. This has helped us to develop a truly holistic knowledge base. By using this model, we ensure that a range of factors is influencing our judgements and that our decision-making is consistent with the needs of those who use our services.

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