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Archways Story

How We Started

Archways was established in 2007 with funding from Atlantic Philanthropies. Since then, we have introduced and scaled three evidence-based programmes in Ireland which have been rolled out to thousands of families throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. They are:

  • The Incredible Years (IY) Series
  • Functional Family Therapy (FFT)
  • Mentoring for Achievement Programme (MAP)

We deliver our programmes to children, young people and parents, as well as a range of professionals. In more recent years we have conducted significant research on well-being in young people and developed additional evidence-informed programmes to address new and emerging needs.

Overcoming Challenges

A challenge faced by the organisation was the winding down of Atlantic Philanthropies, which necessitated the development of new funding streams to support our work. Over the last number of years, we have developed funding relationships with a range of statutory and philanthropic organisations as well as providing training, evaluation and consultancy services on a paid basis to other organisations.


The organisation has grown and developed from an initial staff of seven in 2007 to over 30 today.


The range of services that we provide has expanded significantly over the last 15 years as has the reach of the organisation; we deliver our programmes across Ireland and in Northern Ireland.

Where We Are Today

Over the last five years, we have made significant progress in scaling up our programmes. We have developed an implementation model  which involves collaborating with local partners to identify key agencies who will commit to delivering the programme with fidelity. Alongside the initial training, we provide ongoing implementation and accreditation support. This has led to ongoing high-quality sustainable delivery of the programmes across multiple locations.

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