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Ballyfermot Community Alcohol Study

Ballyfermot Community Alcohol Study

A study commissioned by Ballyfermot Local Drugs and Alcohol Task Force to understand the pattern of alcohol use within the area

Authors: Okakpu, E., McDonnell, S.,  &  McHugh, R (2016).

This piece of research was undertaken to provide a detailed overview and understanding of the current pattern of alcohol use and misuse in the Ballyfermot Local Drugs and Alcohol Task Force (BLDATF) areas. The Local Task Forces had been asked to address the growing problem of alcohol misuse within local communities by including alcohol in their remit.

Information gathered from this study would offer the Task Force (BLDATF) a significant insight into the presenting issues, thereby assisting the ongoing deliberations to evaluate and adopt functioning strategies towards addressing alcohol problems.

There have been national surveys assessing patterns and trends of alcohol use in Ireland, but little was known about alcohol use and misuse in local communities like Ballyfermot where local Drugs and Alcohol Task Forces operate.

While some of the findings from the study indicated a problem with alcohol use and misuse in this community, there have been some areas where the findings seem to mirror what have been previously found in a national study.