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Archways Systemic Family Support

Archways Systemic Family Support is a pilot programme developed from extensive research by the University of Limerick.  Using a new evidence-informed intervention programme that works with young people, their families and the community.  The programme aims to strengthen families, remove barriers to prosocial opportunities and increase community efficacy.

The programme delivers functional family therapy which has over thirty years of evidence working in partnership with families that have got a little bit stuck.  The therapist will assist the family to develop skills that get them unstuck in a way suited to their family dynamic.  The therapy aims to use the families’ strengths to overcome the families daily struggles.  This is achieved through weekly functional family therapy sessions and regular therapeutic case management support.

In addition, we have partnered with Le Chéile Mentoring Service for young people who are at risk. It is a child-centred service that recruits and trains volunteers from local communities to work with young people and families. Mentoring aims to provide a rewarding experience and opportunity, focusing on personal development, communication skills and improving pro-social behaviour.

Archways Systemic Family Support will partner with the community, local agencies and community organisations to increase community efficacy.  Building on existing initiatives, while identifying and supporting new ideas that have the potential to build the momentum of positive change in the lives of the young people, families and the community of Dublin 17 and Dublin 5.