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Archways launch new five-year Strategic Plan

Archways have launched an ambitious new Strategic Plan that sets out eight key strategic goals that maps out the work from now until the end of 2025.

The plan was launched at an online event on Tuesday 28th September attended by stakeholders, partners and funders from a range of organisations from across the country. Representatives of two of the organisations who fund the work of Archways formally launched the Strategic Plan 2021-2025 – Edel O’Malley, CEO at basis.point and Eifion Williams, National Service Director for Commissioning at Tusla.

The Strategic Plan has been developed over the last eighteen months and it is built on Archways’ core values such as innovation, the development of quality services, delivering to those most in need and intervening at the earliest possible time. Archways’ vision is ‘to work towards an Ireland where children and families experiencing challenges have the capacity to create lasting positive change in their lives, with access to timely, high quality support programmes’.

Jane Forman, Chairperson (Interim) of Archways speaking at the launch said: ‘This plan has been developed as a collaboration between the Board of Archways and the staff. It aims to build on the work that Archways has been doing over the last 14 years. It will support us to move in new directions and increase our capacity to respond to the needs of children and families in Ireland. A rolling Implementation Plan is being developed in tandem with this Strategic Plan. This will be monitored by the Board and staff to ensure the its’ successful delivery. This has resulted in a plan that has a high level of ownership from the organisation as a whole.’

Hugh Doogan, CEO at Archways added: ‘During the process of developing this plan, Archways, like all services, has had to be innovative and adapt to the global pandemic. This period has reminded us of two important things. Firstly, that timely and caring supports can make the difference between families not coping and families prospering and growing stronger, and secondly that our team in Archways is deeply committed to their work and their flexibility and insight is an important resource both locally and nationally. The plan will be amended to reflect emerging needs, responses and policies. It is ambitious and challenging. However, I believe with the support of our Board and the commitment and quality of our people, it is attainable. We will be responsive to challenges and new opportunities to ensure it is. We look forward to working with a variety of partners at state, regional and local level to bring these programmes to children and families across Ireland, who can benefit so significantly from them.’

The incoming Chairperson of the Board of Archways John Curran highlighted at the event steps being taken by the organisation to improve governance and how foundations to support the successful implementation of the new plan are being put in place.

John Curran will take up the role of Chairperson on the 1st October 2021. Jane Forman will remain on the Board and take up the role of Chairperson of a newly established subcommittee, Strategic Planning & Services.

To read the Strategic Plan 2021-2025 please click here Archways Strategic Plan 2021-2025