What parents have said

The National University of Ireland, Maynooth carried out a pilot evaluation of the Basic Parent programme which had been delivered in Clondalkin and a report was published. That report says:

Many of the parents had built into their routines special playtime with their child and, although some found it difficult to adhere to this time due to other commitments, all agreed that the results when they persevered were both amazing and unbelievable.

Quoting further from this report, one mother said:

I found this course very different in that the play you do in the beginning is amazing because it builds up a relationship with the child and I mean it was amazing...

The report comments on the reaction of a father:

When you come in you’d be tired, but they’d be wanting to play with ya, but if you give them that 5 minutes that’s good enough for them and that seems to have brought him [their son with EBD] on an awful lot.

A mother who took the Basic Parent Programme summed up her response:

Great course, got so much out of it…

Another mother on the same course gave her opinion:

Life changing experience .. so lucky to have this course to help me bring up my baby...

And yet another positive response from a mother:

Course has had a huge impact on me at home and work, enjoyed every minute of every session.